Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

This is my busiest time of the year for sure!

As a high school English teacher, I am trying to keep up with all the grading. That is a full time job for sure! I am also the sponsor for our Student Council ,which is in charge of all the Homecoming activities. And Homecoming happens to be next week. MAJOR stress. Oh, and I am also a class sponsor, so I have to organize the all the stuff the class has to do for Homecoming. I am currently spending part of each day designing and painting a banner for the parade because if I didn't, it wouldn't get done. Luckily I have a few good kids I can rely on and delegate some things to, but there is just so much that I have to do myself.

As a photographer, fall is my busiest time of the year for senior and family sessions. Everyone wants fall pictures. I spend every Saturday taking pictures, then every evening editing them. It takes a lot of time to edit a senior session, get prints and products ordered, then package and deliver everything. I certainly earn the money I make from it. I often find that I am not charging enough to even make $10 an hour, but I find it hard to raise prices.

Lightroom is only my first round of editing

Creating a personalized app for a client

I love everything that is keeping me busy, but by winter, I will definitely be glad for a break!

Do you find that the things you love sometimes keep you so busy that you need a break from them?

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