Monday, January 19, 2009

An American Carol Review

From David Zucker, the director of Airplane! and Naked Gun, An American Carol is a comedy based off the classic, A Christmas Carol and stars Kevin Farley as Michael Malone. The character Michael Malone is a spoof on the documentary film maker, Michael Moore who is known for documentary films that reflect his ridiculous extreme liberal ideas.

When Michael Malone sets out to organize a Ban on the 4th of July, he is visited by four ghosts (including Kennedy, Patton, and Washington) that try to convince Malone that America is not the horrible place he makes it out to be, and that a ban on all war would create an America that no one would want. Patton introduces Malone to an America where Lincoln chose not to fight the Civil War and Malone is now the largest slave owner in the south. Many of his slaves are famous African Americans. It is through the travels he makes with the ghosts (especially General Patton) that Malone is convinced to make a change in his life and his opinions about America.

Another major premise of the movies revolves around Michael being hired by terrorists to film a movie that promotes jihad and terrorism. However, Michael does not believe in terrorism and is easily duped into allowing 3 terrorists access to Madison Square Garden, which they, of course, plan on blowing up.

As a person who loves America, I really enjoyed this film. It is not often that a film comes out that is pro-America. An American Carol is full of top notch actors (including Kelsie Grammer, Leslie Nielsen, James Woods and Dennis Hopper) and cameos of patriotic Americans (including one of my favorite people…Bill O’Reilly).

As a side note: I have seen Michael Moore in all of his glory, blaming K-Mart for the shootings at Columbine (because they sold the bullets) in his documentary Bowling for Columbine, and thus enjoyed him being knocked down a peg or two.

I give An American Carol 4 stars for being a great film and an additional ½ star for pure cheek!
4 ½ stars

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