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The Crazy Grandparents
25 Random Things About Me
My Review Rating System

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September 2011
Those Stupid Kids Gave Me Pink Eye!
Most Popular Post - Wolf Spider Babies
Single Saturday #4 - Enjoying Being Single
Single Sunday #4 - A Sunday Tradition
Labor Day - A Day of Rest
First Success
This Might Be A Good Year
Newest Creation
Single Saturday #5 - Maybe I'm Worth It
Small Town Sunday #5 - John Mellencamp - Small Town

August 2010
Small Town Sunday #1
Vacation in North Carolina
Is 3D Around to Stay This Time?
Mall Fun and Big Hats
Atlantic Beach
Single Saturday #2
Small Town Sunday #2: 5 Reasons to Live in a Small Town
Computer Down
Catching Up
Making A Meeting Fun
It's Time To Do Something
Turtles For Dinner?
I'm Back!
School's Back in Session
Really...I Don't Hate Rednecks!
Single Saturday #3 - Dreams
Small Town Sunday #3 - Small Town Football
Project Redneck: So Far, So Good
All About Cupcakes

It's Almost Here
New Domain, New Look
The Raccoons Are At It Again!
About Single Saturday
I Made It!
Single Saturday #1

June 2010
Road Kill...The Before Shot
50 Pounds Down!
Blogging...Just a Phase?
The HTC UNincredible
Vacation Postponed
Weird Comments from China
Phone Problems and Solutions

May 2010
The Front Steps

April 2010
A Short "Catch Up" Note

March 2010
The New Me...In The Making

February 2010
My New Project 
Frustrations Abound
Snowed In
Two Day Weeks Are Exhausting
How Many Books This Year?
Small Town Girl With A Gun
PETA Can Kiss My Dead Opossum

Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Picks
My Beef With The New Moon Movie
My Superiority
Why I Can't Sleep At Night...or...Wolf Spider Babies
The Perils of Online Ordering
Ms. Fixit and the Weird Smells
Please Tell Me Why
I'm a Reader Again!
I'm Getting Behind Again
Technology in a Classroom Without a Computer?
Are We Really This Old?
Here We Go Again!!
Check This Out!
Still Here...I Promise
No LABORing Day
Summer In Review
Back With a New Look
Into the Sunrise
Now I Remember...
Sexy Man?
There's a Storm A Brewin'
It's A Small Town 4th of July
All The Crazy Things
The Cult Bus
The Worst Shopping Trip Ever...or...My Stupid Back!
It's Hay Season!
So Far This Summer
Head Sweat - or - Why I Look Like The Wicked Witch of the West
This Town is Closed
Summer Camp