Thursday, February 4, 2010

Frustrations Abound

I have had a few frustrating moments over the last few days...

My junior students have spent the last 2 months or more begging me to be their class sponsor next year. They are losing both of their sponsors after this year (one to retirement, one to a job change). At our high school, each class gets two sponsors their freshmen year that go through the next four years with them. Senior year is a big deal because the seniors run all the concession stands at games in order to raise money to go on senior trip. Today I finally capitulated and told them I would do it (I just did it a few years ago and it is A LOT of work for very little pay). I told the principal that I would do it, only to find out that two other teachers already said they'd do it over a month ago, but they just hadn't told the kids yet. The kids aren't going to be very happy about it because they thought that I was going to do it and they were excited. The teachers that are going to do it are not core teachers, so the students don't really know them. They will do a good job, I just know the kids will be disappointed. I'm glad I don't have to do it though.

I ordered a new lens for my camera and paid extra so it would get here didn't get here sooner. I was so disappointed. I tracked it on UPS and they say there was weather delays. Ridiculous. They can say that just so they don't have to refund my money. I know what the weather was like; there's no reason for a "weather" delay. I keep watching UPS today, but it hasn't updated at all, so I don't know if it is going to be delivered today or not.

My other disappointment is my new DSL. I finally got it hooked up yesterday (although not to the wireless router. Can't seem to get it to work yet), but after checking the speed, I was only getting around 260kbps download rate. I am supposed to be getting 1.5mbps speed. That's what I'm paying for. I was getting over 300kbps with my stupid satellite internet. I'm going to have to call them because this is ridiculous!

Good things have been happening too, but I needed a "vent" post!

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Holly said...

Ugh, what a day. I'm sorry there were so many frustrations. But you finally got your lens, right? (didn't I see that on Twitter?)

Too bad the kids are going to be disappointed. :(