Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The HTC UNincredible! HTC Incredible finally came in. I was Sooooo... excited for it. Unfortunately, it is a piece of crap. I cannot get a usable signal strength unless I am next to a tower. The only way all the extra features (apps and widgets) work is if I am around a WiFi signal. The whole reason I got the phone was so I could do those things without needing WiFi. Might as well just use my iPod Touch! I had read reviews on the Incredible, but they were all great...until I actually googled the signal strength. Then I found hundreds of negative comments! And apparently HTC and Verizon are aware of the problem! I'm furious!

So the phone is going back tomorrow. I'm probably going back to a Blackberry. I was thinking of trying the MotoDroid because it doesn't have the signal strength issues, but the Android OS has other issues that I'm not sure I want to live with. It seams like the OS itself doesn't do much; it is the apps/widgets that allow the phone to do anything worthwhile. I can do more with my old 8330 BB than without any apps on it than I can do with my Droid phone WITH the apps. For example: The only way I know that I have a new Facebook or Google Talk message is to actually open the application! At least that's the only way I've figured out how to do it. How inconvenient. On my BB, those are sent right along with all my emails, texts and tweets to the same place. AND I can set the phone to use different ringtones for each type of social media.

Basically, I'm trying to decide between the Blackberry Storm2 or the Blackberry Bold. Touch screan or keyboard? Not sure yet, but I'll probably try to get one of those two.

I'm hoping I don't get too much hassle from Verizon. I've read that they charge $35 to return a phone, even though it's in the 30 day exchange period. That will be something I fight!


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