Thursday, August 5, 2010

Atlatic Beach

I finally got to go to the beach today. We didn't take swimsuits or anything; neither one of us wanted to hang out at the beach or go swimming. Yes, I know this sounds weird. I've already heard it: "Why would you want to go to the beach if you aren't going to swim?" and "Why would you go to the beach and not swim?" etc.

I really don't like the beach. I know most people love the beach, but I also know I'm not alone in this. Sand, sand, sand everywhere! And then there is the grimy feeling of being in salt water. Plus, there was no hotel room to go back to so we could shower and change. I would have enjoyed sitting in one of those beach chairs with the surf flowing over my legs and reading a good book if we were staying at a hotel nearby, but we weren't.

I wanted to go to the beach because I feel I should see the ocean every few years. It was time to go, especially since I was so close. When you live in the middle of the United States, you don't get to the ocean very often. 

We walked out into the water and stood there for awhile. I took a few pics (battery died on my good camera, or I would upload a few), then we walked out on the pier. I really enjoyed the pier. It was a really nice day with a cool breeze coming off the water.

I would never want to live by the beach, but it is fun to visit once in awhile.

After the beach, we went to a small, local aquarium. I got to touch a stingray! And see sharks during Discovery Channel's Shark Week! I also got to see the largest hermit crab ever...

For some reason it looks so familiar...

I'm going home tomorrow. I hope that I make good time again. I may miss a post or two because of drive time...

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