Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mall Fun and Big Hats

There are two different types of shopping. You can shop with a purpose, or you can shop for fun.  I hate to shop with a purpose in mind. You MUST get out of the store with the item needed.  Meh. Not so much fun. But I love to just shop for the fun of it. No pressure.

That's what my BFF and I did today. We went to the mall to just cruse the stores and see what deals we could find. It was a small mall, which is even better because even when I shop for fun, I still get burned out pretty fast.  The only thing we had to get was soap at Bath and Body Works, which is a lot of fun because you get to try out all the new scents.

We got some good finds, but my favorite part of the shopping trip was finding and trying on ridiculous hats.

This one was voted as looking best on me
Not sure about this one
Let's go to Ascot!

I was just shocked to find out that both JC Penny's and Sears had hats like these. Our JC Penny's in Southern Missouri doesn't have hats like this. It wasn't until I had tried on (and taken pictures of) about 10 different hats that I realized the reason they had these hats in the Goldsboro, NC mall is because of the older black ladies who need something to wear to church. And here I just wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby to have an excuse to wear one. White people don't get to wear big, awesome hats like this...not even little old white ladies.  I really wish I could bring the big hat to our all white Southern Baptist church.

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