Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So I'm now doing part of my Mom'sz daily chores. Annie (the calf) gets bottle fed and gets to eat some grain. I don't remember what happened to her mother, but she's an orphan...and cripled. She's gets to eat grain out of the bucket because the other calves bully her and won't let her next to the creep feeder where they get fed.

There are tons of flies out here and they are driving me nuts, but as soon as Annie is done eating I will feed thhe rest of the cows and calves and then I'm done. I'm lucky today because none of the rest of the cows are trying to get into Annie's bucket. It's probably because Mom's not here and they're not used to me.

My mom has four people doing the chores she normally does. She didn't want to make any one person do all the chores because they take around two hours to do.
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Mrs. E said...

I had a bucket calf when I was a kid. I'd forgotten about doing chores! You're a good daughter.