Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's A Small Town 4th of July!

I thought I would show everyone a pictorial of our local 4th of July parade. This is the first time in years that I've been to a parade in town. Mom and I went to see the kids because they were on the church float. We always have really good seats because my grandparents live right next to parking lot where all the floats line up which means we are right at the beginning of the parade route.

Everyone's getting ready for the parade in the parking lot by my grandmother's house.

There were planes and helicopters flying overhead...not sure why.

This is my brother's church's float. It is based on their Vacation Bible School theme.

One of the big draws for the parade was trying to get 100 clowns. I HATE clowns. They are not funny; they're scary. Am I the only person who's seen Stephen King's It?

Betsy Ross drove by. Notice the guy driving the truck is sticking his tongue out at me.

One of the local churches decided to show their patriotism by decorating their float as a deer/turkey stand... only in the Ozarks!

Right before this picture, Lady Liberty stuck her tongue out at me!
I told her it wasn't very Lady Liberty-like.

This clown scared me the most...and it came right up to me while I was holding my nephew. Scared me to death.

Laura Ingalls Wilder showed up. is exactly what it looks like.

For some reason, there are always people driving 4-wheelers...

Here's some patriotic people!

Ronald Regan, James Monroe and Honest Abe all came by.

Here is the cult/commune that lives down the road from me. They always walk in the parades.

This lady is dressed as Clara Barton, the founder of the Red Cross

Of course the horses always end the parade...and leave behind presents.

It was fun watching the parade, especially when you know most of the people in the parade. I had several float drivers who stuck their tongues out at picked his nose for the camera. We were sitting in my great-grandmother's driveway right at the beginning of the parade and had my youngest nephew with us. Everybody threw candy at him, and he also got a fireman's hat and a wooden plane. He waved at everybody that went by; it was so cute. Now I can't wait for the next parade!


Mrs. E said...

I love small town parades! Last year, I walked through our Labor Day parade with the teachers group and took photos of as many former students as I could who were watching the parade. It was kind of fun!

Wendy said...

How awesome to have "ringside" seats! What kind of commune are those people from? And why was everyone sticking their tongue out at you. That's pretty weird.

I want one of those goat chariots!

Smalltown Girl said...

@Mrs. E - I don't think I'd want to be a part of one. I've had to drive a truck that pulled a float before and that's enough for me.

@Wendy - The commune is run by Ananda Marga monks and claims to be a meditation retreat center. I've always assumed it had something to do with new-age Hinduism (because of the weird orange robes), but they are very hush-hush about their religious beliefs. The head guy goes by the title: Dada.

I guess I'm just one of those people that everyone feels the need to stick their tongues out at! I have a picture of one of our youth ministers picking his nose for the camera, but left that one out...

Gina Marie Wake said...

Is this parade new? Why do I have absolutely no recollection of a 4th of July parade growing up?? Weird!