Sunday, August 8, 2010

Small Town Sunday #2

5 Reasons To Live In A Small Town

I just spent the last week in a good sized city. If you look at a small map of North Carolina you will even see it listed there!  This got me to thinking about why I chose small town life over city life. I know that many people don't get it, and I can understand why. The city has so much available: big theaters, lots of restaurants to choose from, all kinds of stores to shop from and a Starbucks on every corner. So why chose a small town.  Here are 5 good reasons for choosing small town life over big city life.

1. Like Cheers, You want to go where everybody knows your name...and they're always glad you came. While growing up a small town doesn't mean that you will automatically know everyone in town, you will probably know someone who knows that person. Example: I go to the medical clinic to see the doctor (who I am on a first name basis with because we went to church together) and I don't even have to check in at the reception desk. Last time I went, the receptionist was on the phone; instead of waiting for her to get off the phone, I just waved at her and went and sat down (I also know her from church).

2. Going outside without all your clothes on. You may ask Why someone would want to go outside without all their clothes on, but I actually do it all the time...especially in the summer. I tend to spend the first few hours of the day (when I don't have to go somewhere) in my nightgown (read: extra big t-shirt). This means that if I need to go to the mailbox, or run to the car for something, I'm usually doing it with just the t-shirt. With the new front porch, I spent many mornings sitting out there just the t-shirt. The odds of someone coming by are pretty slim, and there's a good chance that they are related to me anyway. Now, of course, I live out in the country, so that makes it easier to walk around like that. I'm not sure I would do that (much) if I lived inside the city limits where I would surely have lots of neighbors...but maybe.

3. No city driving. I'm actually a good city driver...believe it or not. I have spent quite a bit of time driving in the city; both while in college and when going to the closest big city for shopping. I can zip in and out of traffic with the best of them, but in my everyday, small town life I get to drive without the hassle of trying to vie for a spot or waiting in one stop light after another. My hometown has two four-way stops and no traffic lights. Growing up we only had one four-way we're moving up in the world. Yes, I have to drive farther to get somewhere, but it probably doesn't take any more time to get there than in would in the city.

4. Small Town Values. Yes, you can meet nice people in the big city, and you can meet rude people in a small town. However, there is a different vibe in a small town. People are generally polite and nice, even when they don't know you. I'm not sure why this is, but it is true. Maybe it is me; I tend to talk to everyone I meet. I go to the store and talk to the checkout lady; even in bigger towns/cities, this tends to go over well, but I find that in cities I have to make the first move. I find that in a small town people will smile at you and say, "hi" when they meet you walking down the street or in the aisle at the super market.

5. Low cost of living. I know several people who have moved here from big cities. We have two different neighbors who moved here from Wisconsin. They didn't know anyone, just wanted to move to the Ozarks. They are able to buy a house and hundred(s) of acres for the price of the house they sold before moving here. I knew a lady who moved here with her sister from Colorado because it is one of the cheapest places to live in the country. I'm always shocked when I've seen an episode of House Hunters or something similar and see how much houses in the city cost. It is obscene. A two or three bedroom house with a small yard will go for half a million dollars (or more). For that kind of money, around here, you could buy a 200 acre farm with a 4-bedroom house and outbuildings...and have money left over! Not to mention lower taxes (sales and property).

For me, the benefits of small town life outweigh not having a Starbucks within 80 miles of my house, and while visiting the city is nice for a day of shopping, I will choose small town life every time.

Did I forget something? Why do you prefer a small town over the city?

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Andi, On Call RN said...

Sounds very nice and peaceful but I have to admit... I would be very sad to not have starbucks near by. :)