Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eclipse...Better Than a Root Canal!

I finally went to see Eclipse with one of my besties, Jess, on Saturday night. We feel we have to go see the movies because we loved the books so much, but we spend a lot of time griping about the movies: bad acting, poor adaptation of the novels, Robert Pattinson...

I spent a whole post griping about how Robert Pattinson is NOT Edward Cullen (and all my other issues with the movies), but I really must say that bad acting aside, he is probably my main gripe about the movies.  His profile alone is enough to make me cringe. 

We love going and listening to the crowd during the movie. You can tell exactly who hasn't read the books by their reactions to the movie (a HUGE mistake IMHO).  Eclipse is the best of the three so far (although that's about like saying you'd rather go to the dentist than the proctologist...). The acting is getting better. Kristen Stewart doesn't seem to be using heaving breathing as a way of showing emotion as much as she used to, and the connection between Bella and Edward is a little more believable now.  Sheriff Swan lends some comic relief to the movie with some great one-liners. In the end, I was left looking forward to seeing the last of the four movies, Breaking Dawn.  

If you've seen any of the movies, let me know your thoughts.

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