Saturday, September 4, 2010

Single Saturday #4 - Enjoying Being Single

I was thinking about the difference between people who enjoy being single and those that whine about not having someone in their lives. Now I know some people enjoy being single because they go on dates all the time, and they enjoy the excitement of meeting new people.

When I say that I'm single, I mean it. I don't even go on dates. I'm not necessarily opposed to it, but I don't go out and look for guys to date. I live in the sticks where there isn't much to choose from if I did want to find a date...especially at my age.  Part of the reason for that is that I don't like putting myself out there.  Even in high school I didn't really date. I dated one guy for a week my freshman year in high school and started seriously dating someone partway through my senior year of high school which lasted into my second year of college.  That relationship really messed me up, but that's a different story (even if it is a little related to why I'm single now).

I would love to know why you are single? Is it a conscious choice? Situational? Just Happened?

I found a fun Wiki on how to Enjoy Being Single that you can check out HERE.

Check out what Andi from On Call RN has to say  about Living a Single Existence. Part 1 and Part 2


Andi, On Call RN said...

I feel like those posts sum it up well but to be really brief.... I think 95% of the time I love my life as a single person. I love having alone time... doing what I want and not having to deal with other people (I'm super introverted and I hate putting myself out there and I also had a bad relationship... or a few that really messed me up). I love my life and I think it would take a really great person to make me want to be with them and I just don't think that exists for me. So I guess its just happened and its situational in some ways and I have learned to really really love my life despite the 5% of the time I wish I had someone.
haha sorry that wasn't brief at all.

Gee said...

I'm learning to enjoy my singleness- I used to constantly whine about it and wonder why I was still single but I'm finding new activities to do and join- and also not to regard every man I meet as a 'potential'-I used to do that a lot!