Sunday, September 5, 2010

Small Town Sunday #4 - A Sunday Tradition

I remember always being a little put out by the song Manic Monday (despite its great melody) because of the line: "I wish it was Sunday; 'Cause that's my funday; my I don't have to runday."  The idea that Sundays are days to just sit around and do what you want always rubbed me the wrong way.

I grew up in the Bible Belt and was raised by God-fearing and God-loving parents, and I am surrounded by extended family with the same values.  We went to church every Sunday; there was never a question about it.  Now there would be Sundays where we would drive to church with the boat behind the truck and change into our swim suits at church as soon as it was over, but we didn't skip church to go to the lake.

I learned all the Bible Stories in Sunday School, and most of my dearest and best friends were made in those Sunday School classrooms.  I cannot imagine a different life.  As an adult, I'm one of the first to show up at church in the morning because I need to be tere to run the slide show for the praise team and get all the slides ready for service before Sunday School begins.  Church is a HUGE part of my life.

For me and so many others living in a small town, Sunday means church.  Getting up and putting on your best clothes for Christ.  i can't imagine doing anything else on a Sunday morning.  when I have had to stay home because of illnesses, I have never felt the same; it's as if something is missing all week long.

I know there are people out there just like the Bangles who see Sundays as their, "I don't have to runday." I feel sorry for those people because they are missing out on one of the all-time best Sunday Traditions that anyone can take part in...Church, and especially a small town church!

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