Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day...A Day of Rest

Here are my plans for Labor Day...

1.  Sleep in late - I wrote this post last night and scheduled it to post this morning, so if it's before 8am, I'm probably still in bed.

2.  Watch TV - This is pretty much a given at my house. Even if I'm not paying much attention to it, the TV is usually on.  However, Valentines Day did come in the mail from Netflix the other day. Who doesn't want to watch a movie staring every actor in Hollywood.

3.  Bring over my dressing table - Mom stripped and stained my dressing table this summer and it is finally finished, but I haven't brought it back to the house yet.  I can't wait.  All my stuff has been in boxes on my it will make my bedroom look finished since my dresser was done 2 or 3 summers ago.

4.  Laundry - Nuf said...

5.  Bake Cupcakes - I've been waiting to get to try my hand at baking cupcakes and I'm pretty stoked.  I've decided to make mint/chocolate cupcakes.  Chocolate cupcakes with mint butter cream icing and topped with Andie's Mint pieces.  I will have to give most of them away though.  I plan on allowing myself 1 or 2 cupcakes from each batch I make.  The rest of these will go to family with a few taken to work for my lunch buddies.

What are your Labor Day Plans (or...what did you do for Labor Day)?

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