Sunday, July 11, 2010

Money For Nothin'

In my big storage room clean-up, I have finally gotten around to sorting through a pile of old cards, pictures and other memorabilia.  I had gotten the big part of the storage room sorted, but still hadn't gotten around to sorting through all the papers, etc. All the stuff I hadn't sorted yet was still sitting in my living room and I was starting to feel like a least my living room looked like a hoarder's room!

While watching The Hurt Locker (which I didn't really "get", so I was bored), I decided to start sorting through all the old papers, etc.  I had user guides, important paperwork, school records and other stuff that needs to be filed; there were old bills and paperwork that was no longer needed that had to be tossed, but the fun stuff was going through all the old cards.

I have a policy of never throwing away an old card until I check it for money.  I always seem to find at least one card that still has money in it when I get ready to throw away old cards.  I hit the jackpot with this mess of old cards.  I found $25, a $20 gift certificate (that is years old, but I hope they will still accept because I don't see an expiration date), two $2 bills and a Morgan silver dollar from 1887.

My great grandmother had given me the two-dollar bills and the silver coin five years ago for my college graduation. I'm pretty sure at the time I wasn't sure what to do with them, so I just left them in the card.

The gift certificate was from one of my aunts who loves to give gift certificates.  I remember getting this, but never could find it again after my birthday.  I'm glad I at least know where it was.

I love finding money like this.  It is like a present for cleaning up! I also like it when I find money in the pockets of coats or jeans.  That's fun.

Here's hoping you find money you never knew you lost!

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