Friday, July 3, 2009

The Cult Bus

As I was driving home, down my county road, I caught a glimpse of yellow coming my way. I knew immediately what it was the cult bus! Luckily I was close to a field entrance because they drive way too fast down the road and it would have been hard for that bus and my car to both fit on the road...I probably would have been ran off the road. I'm sure they were headed to thge river. A couple of years ago I was in my yard as they were coming back from the river and there were people sitting on the top of the bus yelling and whooping and taking pictures. Crazy city folk.

Their annual summer retreat is in full swing this weekend and there are hippies and Hindus everywhere. I believe the 'cult', as I call it, is actually a new age Hindu commune. The people that run it wear long orange robes and are Indian (not the Native American kind). They are nice and don't bug anyone, but I hate this summer retreat. There are city people from all over the country, along with the young hippies, that converge right next to my house. They drive up and down the road (that my cats like to nap on) at high speed and have been known to pick all the blackberries along OUR fence line. And there will be at least one night this weekend where I'll be able to hear music and other stuff coming through the woods because they set up speakers outside. It's just all really annoying!

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Mrs. E said...

Set off a few fireworks in retaliation! : )