Thursday, July 15, 2010

Other People's Fustration Is Making Me Frustrated!

Google the word "Fustration" and Google lets you know that there is no such word and directs you to links for "Frustration". As I type this, the spell check lets me know in no uncertain terms that "Fustration" is not a word by putting a nice red line underneath it.  If this is true, then why do I keep coming across people who pronounce it without the first R?

I first came across this while watching Little People, Big World. While I love Amy Roloff, I am constantly annoyed by her use of the word "Fustrated". Evidently it is one of her favorite words because she uses it all the time. Since hearing Amy say it, I have become more sensitive to hearing it, and now I seem to hear it all the time.

Let's ban together and spread the word that "Fustration" isn't a word. Let us start a "FRustrating" movement!

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