Friday, July 16, 2010

Have An Original Thought Once In Awhile!

I love Twitter. I have practically thrown Facebook out the window because of Twitter. Well, that's not quite true, but I find I have to remind myself to log on to Facebook at least once a week to see if someone has left me a message that I should respond to. Not so with Twitter. I'm on there all the time: posting, reading, checking, etc. It's great. I've met knew people...sort of (Shout out to Stacy and Holly!), I find it is easy to keep up with what is going on in the news, there are always interesting links to follow, etc. But I do have one big problem with other people's tweets...

There are some people out there who insist on retweeting all the time. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter (poor you), then I should explain what retweeting is. A retweet (or RT) is when you copy and paste another person's tweet and send it as your tweet (all while giving credit to the original tweeter). That's great. If someone you follow has something awesome to say, RT it by all means.  My problem comes when people ONLY retweet. Come on people. Have an original thought once in awhile. If I want to know what someone else is saying, I'll follow them. If you never have your own original thought, then why should I follow you?

The only thing worse is when someone retweets a retweet. I've seen it done! Ridiculousness.

I've also noticed some people who RT a tweet instead of Replying to a tweet. For those of you who don't know what a Reply is, it is similar to sending a text message. You are replying to someone's tweet. Not only can that person see your reply (response to their tweet), but anyone who follows you can see it (or they can opt out in Twitter settings...I do because some people reply WAY TO MUCH, and I don't want to read all of them). But I've noticed some people RT a tweet, then tag on their reply at the end. Well, at least that way people who follow you aren't just reading half of a conversation, and maybe some people appreciate that.  I find it annoying. I don't necessarily want to read your conversation with someone else.

Besides, if I already follow the person you RT, then I already read their tweet the first time!

Okay, so maybe I've gone off in a big way here. I'm venting, I know. It just drives me crazy. Just like people who only tweet links drive me crazy. It is a big UNFOLLOW for me. Everything in moderation people.

Do you have any Twitter rules or Twitter pet peeves?

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Andi, On Call RN said...

You know its funny cause I actually hate using twitter in the conventional way. What I use it for is a way to keep in touch with my close group of friends about 10-15 of us who all use it as basically a slow chat room. For that very reason I have two twitter accounts because other people would be really annoyed by my multiple "hey where are we meeting tonight?" tweets haha