Monday, January 12, 2009

The Crazy Grandparents

My Dad’s parents are my Crazy Grandparents; my Mom’s parents are fairly normal. I am sure everyone has family members that are a little odd or perhaps, like mine, crazy. I am not sure my CGs are certifiable, but as time goes on, I begin to wonder.

So what, you may ask, makes them crazy… Oh, it’s the little things, the everyday things.

For instance…My CG’pa spends all of his time trying to impress those around him. The more impressive or important he thinks you are, the more he is going to try to impress you. This takes many formats. One of my favorites has to do with his garden, specifically the tomatoes.

CG’pa likes to impress people with his tomatoes. Yep, you heard me right. I’m not sure how many tomato plants he usually has in his garden, but they produce enough tomatoes to feed an army…or in this case…impress an army. I know that he thinks his tomatoes are impressive because one time he wanted Mom to take some tomatoes (I’m sure she had a bucketful already). Mom declined the offer and CG’pa told her he thought she would want to take tomatoes to work in order to impress her co-workers. Seriously.

CG’pa also likes to bug my parents on a daily basis. My CGs live through the woods from my parent’s house (on some of my Dad’s land) and so my parents’ house is a short four-wheeler ride for my CG’pa. He is either driving over, or calling, (usually both) at least once a day. Usually, he comes with advice…or unwanted vegetables.

CG’ma is equally crazy. In her defense, I think that CG’pa made her crazy, but crazy she is. CG’ma is an only child and you can definitely tell. People cannot tell a story around her without her having done it first, paid more, got it on sale, hers hurts worse, and on and on it goes. I think this is a combination of her being an only child (who was spoiled) and my CG’pa not paying any attention to her over the last 50 years. She is uber-needy. It is almost impossible to have a conversation with someone if she is around.

Case in point… years ago we were at a workshop and someone asked me about my back. I had recently had an accident in where my vehicle was hit by a semi (this is a whole other story and one day I might tell it). I had no more said that my back was getting better, blah, blah, blah… when CG’ma goes into a whole story about how bad her back is, she’s supposed to have surgery, and on and on. It was at that moment that I realized that CG’ma might be worse than CG’pa.

I am sure that the CGs will inspire the occasional post, and so I thought I should probably warn you and give just a little background into who they were.

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