Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm A Reader Again!

I love to read. I always have. My earliest childhood memories always include me reading something. I would escape my own life and become someone else by just opening the pages of a book.

I still love to read, but somehow I have relegated reading to that 10 minutes right before I go to bed. Every once in awhile over the last few years, I would get a hold of a really compelling book and read for hours at a time. Most of the Harry Potter books were read strait through with only a short nap to sustain me through the hours of reading. However, that was not the usual, and 10 minutes a day was just not enough for me, and so I have been feeling the pull of reading.

There are still times when I want, need, or simply, love, escaping my own life and becoming someone else. Maybe this is why I tend toward Fantasy and Regency fiction. I love the regal lives of the British aristocracy and the glimpses of life among the elves and faeries. Both are totally opposite of my small town reality.

I have been reading much more lately, spending an average of 45 minutes a night reading. And I'm loving it! Today, when I got home, instead of turning on the TV and vegging out to relax from work, I turned on my Kindle and spent almost 2 hours finishing the book I was reading.

I've been taking advantage of all the free Kindle books on Amazon. I have to be careful, because many of them are the first in a series that are designed to suck you in so you purchase the rest of the books in the series. I love a good series, but I don't want to have to be buying that many books. Still, there are a lot of free Kindle books out there by new authors or authors who want you to be introduced to their genre or style of writing and are willing to give away a few books to do so. I am actually starting a series right now, but with the first book free and the other 2 under $4 each, it's still a pretty good deal if I decide to read all three books.

I have gotten skunked a time or two with the free books. There are a few that I never read past the first chapter or so, and one that I read all the way through waiting for it to get good (it never did), but I've discovered some great books as well.

So, if you're a reader who has lost your way, pick up a good book and start reading again! There are lots of sites to help recommend good books, or just take a chance. Sometimes, a book IS as good as its cover suggests!


Mrs. E said...

I've never read on a kindle. What do you think of it?

Smalltown Girl said...

@Mrs. E - Check out my previous post all about how much I love my Kindle

The Kindle 2 has some improvements too: more storage, faster page turns, better graphics and most importantly, smaller page turn buttons (I have a friend that has one and I'm so jealous). Turning pages by accident is the one thing I don't like about my Kindle 1st ed. The pages look just like a book! Nothing like a computer screen, so no eye strain! I would highly recommend one to anyone who is a big reader and buys multiple books every year. It will eventually pay for itself with the inexpensive book prices!