Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here We Go Again!!!

Well, I have satellite problems again. Big surprise.

I have two DirecTv satellites: one for local channels and one for all the other channels. My local channels satellite has been going out for quite awhile now. It just loses its signal for no reason. All I have to do is reset the receiver and the satellite works again. It's been doing this about every 3 months for the last 3 years. Until last night.

Now it is doing it all the time! I reset it and the signal is lost in about 5 - 10 minutes. AARRRGGG!!! It's almost time for all the network shows to start back up again. And I'm Going To Miss Them!

To give you a little background: I have an OLD Tivo Receiver. DirecTv hasn't been in business with Tivo for YEARS! I have refused to upgrade because that would mean giving up my Tivo for just regular DVR. Which, by the way, is NOT the same thing. I've been trying to hold out until the new (long awaited) DirecTv HD Tivo receiver comes out. Originally it was rumored to be coming out late this year, but has now been pushed back to sometime next year. And I'm pretty sure my time has run out.

I was on the phone with the DirecTv guy and after explaining the whole situation, we got cut off. Which of course meant that I had to explain ALL OVER AGAIN!

The second guy set me up with a technician to come out on Saturday (sometime between the hours of noon and 4pm!) to check my receiver and satellite set up. That way I know if I have to upgrade or not. I'm afraid if I upgrade now, I'll have to pay to upgrade to the Tivo receiver when it comes out instead of getting it as a free upgrade later. But if it is because I have an old satellite that needs to be replaced, then I won't be able to get local channels (and they won't let you get networks any other way...I tried that once). Also, I was told (by guy #1) it could be because my satellite can't get updates because it's not hooked to a phone line. I asked a DirecTv person about that before getting rid of my phone line and they said it would be okay, but this guy said the old Tivo receivers updated through the phone line, not the satellite signal.

Right now I'm actually getting to watch The Office. I'm not sure why, but it has been holding a signal for the whole show. I haven't switched channels or anything because I'm afraid it'll mess something up.
So there you have it.

We'll see what happens after the technician comes on Saturday.

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