Sunday, August 29, 2010

Small Town Sunday #3 - Small Town Football

In the fall, small towns are all about football. I'm not necessarily a football person (I like basketball better), but there is something about going to a varsity game on a Friday night. You know fall is coming when you have to get out your stadium seats, blankets and hoodies for the game.

I'm not sure why football is so important to small town people, but it is. Everyone comes out to see the game. There is an excitement in the air that you can just feel.   Young and old, everyone is excited to see their boys win.

I took my two nephews to my school's football game yesterday. Yes...on a Saturday.  We played a team that is from Kansas City, so the game had to be on a Saturday because the other team had so far to travel.  Our team is ranked #5 in the state in our division, and the other team is ranked #1. Quite a game.  Apparently we had a free weekend and no one close wanted to play us because our team is so good...

My nephews don't get to go to games because they are too late at night. NL got to go to one last year, but NJ is too young to stay out that late due to his super early bed time. This is unfortunate because NJ LOVES football; even though the only games he's seen are on TV. My brother isn't a sports guy, so it's a little unusual that one of his sons would be so fascinated by a sport.

I just had to take the boys because it isn't often that we have a Saturday afternoon varsity game. They both had a good time. NJ never took his eyes off the field, which is pretty amazing for a boy under three-years-old. Every time the crowd would cheer, NJ would throw his hands up in the air and cheer right along with them.  He loved it when there was a tackle.  He kept saying, "hit" until I explained it was called a tackle, and explained why they were tackling each other.  After that, he would look up at me and say, "Tackle!"  We had to leave at halftime to get NJ back for his nap (I told him the game was over as I pointed out the playing going back into the field house). I hope to be able to take them both to more games soon; it is so fun to watch them as they watch the game.

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Vito and Gina said...

Well you know how much I love football (basketball - blech!), but especially on those kind of fall Fridays, you know the ones, with a little crisp in the air, I always say "It's football weather" and by that I don't mean college or NFL. I mean high school football weather and we should be walking to A&W after school before the game or working on a float.


;) I know, I know, occupational hazard.