Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Day Weeks Are Exhausting!

We only had school Thursday and Friday this week due to all the snow. The kids were surprisingly well behaved considering (except for my last class of the day, but they tend to be the exception to all the rules...) It was weird only have two days of class, but last year we had two weeks in a row with only one day: the Monday of one week, then the Friday of the next due to a huge ice/sleet storm.

Last night I finally went to the grocery store to re-stock the pantry and fridge. I was dangerously low (or out) of some of my favorite items. I guess that's what happens when you're stuck in your house for four days strait!

As I left my house to meet my Mom and SiL to go shopping, I saw the opossum that has decided it lives in my house. This time, it was walking around the front of my house. I slowly retreated back into the house to get my gun (which is the world's oldest 22). Of course, when I got back outside the stupid thing had taken cover. I swear it knew what I was planning. I stalked it around the house, but to no avail. I got tickled while doing so as a mental picture of myself formed in my mind: there I was, quietly stalking an my work clothes; gun in hand. I still had on my good shoes and I was traipsing around in my very soggy yard (all that snow melting) trying not to get my shoes all muddy. I could only imagine what my students would have said if they could have seen me. After they stopped laughing that is.

So I have set a trap for the opossum. It is getting into the house through the cat door on my back door. Since it has to come up onto the deck to get to the back door, I am putting out food on the back deck in order to lure it to one spot (not in the house) so I can shoot it. I'm keeping the porch light on and occasionally looking out the window to see if it has taken the bait. So far no luck. The other day it had eaten some of the food, but I missed seeing it out there. I guess I should be more vigilant.

Wish me luck!

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