Saturday, February 20, 2010


I finally got that stupid opossum last night. I had shot it last week, but it was just a flesh wound (and not the Monty Python type) and he ran under the house. I hadn't heard/seen him in almost a week and hoped that he had expired from his wounds, but no such luck.

(Not my picture - I got this off an animal control site)

I was sitting in my living room last last night when I heard one of my "cats" eating their cat food. Since the "cat" was an exceptionally noisy eater, I was suspicious and decided to check it out. It was the opossum. He ran outside, so I put some food on the porch, turned on the porch light and waited. Sure enough, he showed up. I got my gun (remember the super old 22 rifle?) and an extra bullet (just call me Barney Fife!) and slowly opened the door with my rifle cocked and ready. I shot it in the head from about 4 foot away, quickly reloaded and shot again. He still managed to stumble his way down the porch steps, but based on all the blood, it was a mortal wound. I wish one shot would have killed him instantly, but either I didn't get off a good enough shot, or the 22 just wasn't enough to do the job quickly. I hate to think he suffered, but I'm pretty sure he didn't suffer long.

I only hope that he was the only opossum and I haven't been dealing with an entire family and this was just one of them...

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