Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Still Here...I Promise

I've been so busy at school this week that I haven't made time to blog when I get home. The last two days I didn't get home until around 7pm. And of course today I'm only home for about as hour before leaving for church.

I'm really enjoying my "new" church. I'm learning so much about the Bible and God's plan for us. I've quickly become part of the family again and am making new friends as well as catching up with old friends.

This weekend is my 15th high school reunion. I have mixed feeling about it. I'm not married with kids, and while I'M okay with that, others might pity me. Also there's the weight gain (but that's not unusual). At least it's pretty informal. We're just meeting at the homecoming game for some tailgating.

That brings up a whole other can of worms. I work for a rival school that is doing WAY BETTER than my old high school. Which I'm torn about because my cousin is their football coach! Ouch! The school I work for are district champs and looking real good this year as hometown team is finding it hard to win any games.

So lots of stuff going on, just not a lot of time to blog about it. I'll try to do better!

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