Friday, July 30, 2010

I Made It!

I made it to North Carolina!

There had been much speculation on how long it would take to drive halfway across the country from southern Missouri to Goldsboro, NC. Google maps said just under 16 hours drive time, so I figured with stops and driving a little over the speed limit, 16 hours would probably be just about right. I had one person tell me it would take 21 or 22 hours and I shouldn't drive it, but fly instead. Several of my friends had already made the drive and said they did it in 17 hours...with two small children.

I figured 17 hours was doable. I would just get out and walk when I needed to, and if I couldn't make it, or got too tired, I would just get a hotel (although that defeated the purpose of not flying to save money).

I left Missouri at 4:30 in the morning (5:30 NC time) and started driving. Every time I would stop for either gas or a bathroom break I would call my friend and we would re-assess my arrival time. At first I was just hoping for before midnight (NC time), but I kept shaving off hours at every call. Ended up that I made the drive in under 13 hours! A definite record. I only stopped 4 times and each time for less that 10 minutes, and I kept in the fast lane.

I would have driven here long ago if I had thought I could do it in 13 hours.

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