Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Front Steps

This is my latest project. My front steps finally became too rotten to be safely trod upon. I had hired my dad's cousin-in-law back in October to build me a deck, but he never did. He finally had to be called in for emergency construction of a deck. Today he bought the new lumber and tore down the old steps. I tore out the front walk (that's the timbers stacked up) and the flagstone landing because it has to be moved.

I am so excited about my new deck. It's going to be small (12x6), but It's going to have a tin roof on it! I'm so excited about that. It'll mean I will have a place to put flowers without the sun killing them faster than I can keep them watered! I just want a spot to sit and read in the shade. I am really looking forward to reading out there on a day when it is gently raining.

***Weight Loss Update***
I have now lost just over 45 pounds (261.2lbs). I still have 5 pounds to lose in order to hit 50 pounds lost by June. Not sure If I will do it or not; it'll be close. Either way, I'll lose that 50 and once I get to 245 pounds I will have hit my first big weight loss goal!

My sister-in-law had a dream this week that I had lost all my weight. She's never seen me except as over-weight. I asked her if I looked good and she said yes! Can't wait to make that true. Another 90 pounds to go...