Thursday, June 3, 2010

50 Pounds Down!

I weighed in Tuesday, and I finally hit my 50 pounds-lost goal! And I made it by June 1st. It is such a major step in the process. I still have almost 80 pounds to go until I hit my ultimate weight loss goal, but I know now that I can do it!

One good thing about the fact that it is going to take me well over a year to lose all the weight is that I am really given the time to create a new lifestyle change. Already I have begun to see food differently than I have most of my life. Although I still love food, I no longer love to eat. This is a big step for me. I still really enjoy what I am eating if it is something I really like, but I no longer love the process of eating. Part of this is because I don't let myself eat whatever I want, whenever I want, so I guess I've sort of broke the habit...

I have dropped two dress sizes. I started out at a size 24 (I hate to admit that--and almost ready to grow out of that, and I'm down to a size 20) Luckily, I had saved several pairs of pants and a pair of shorts or two from my "skinnier" days as a size 22 in case I ever lost weight, but I've already dropped down below that, so even some of them are becoming too big. Most of my cropped pants are size 24 and can really no longer be worn. I'm glad to need new pants, but hate to spend money one them when I plan to continue to lose weight. Today I finally had to stop by JC Penny last minute and buy 2 pairs of crops to get me by for the summer. Luckily, I found some on sale. I guess it's a good problem to have!

My next mini-goal is to drop below 250, so I am setting that goal at 245 pounds (safely below 250), so I have almost another 10 to go. Then I will be close to having lost half of the total weight I need to lose (66lbs), so that will be the next mini goal, which will be really close to 75 pounds lost which will be the next goal. I find that setting mini goals help me to keep my spirits up and not just see this as a long, long journey.

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