Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Phone Problems...And Solutions

I have been on a roller coaster ride with my new phone, the HTC Incredible.  In a previous post I talked about all the problems I was having with the phone.  As an update, I thought I would let you know some of the things that have happened to make me decide to keep my phone.

After all my problems with not being able to get a signal, I took the phone to my local Verizon store. A Verizon employee told me that there was a setting wrong in the phone and he was able to change it (still don't know how because a Verizon tech later told me it wasn't even possible to change it) and Viola! my phone was able to get a signal. 

A few days later, I still was having problems getting the phone to recognize the 2GB miniSD card that came free with the phone. I took the battery out in the process of trying to get it to work (turns out the card was bad and I had to use an old one). Once I took the battery out, the phone went back to how it was and I had no signal again.

I was so frustrated, so I decided to call Verizon tech. The guy told me that they had several people call with this problem and that I would need to do a hard reset on my phone and that should fix it. I was so upset. I had spent the last week trying to download apps to get the phone to do what I wanted it to do, and a hard reset would mean that I would have to start all over again!

I eventually decided to do it.  I wrote down all the apps I had downloaded, backed up my contacts and hit the erase everything button.  Miracles of all miracles, when the phone booted back up, I was getting  a signal.  

To this day, I still have a signal. I haven't taken the battery out to see what would happen (I'm too afraid to).  I have found apps to get the phone to work the way I want it to (for the most part).  

I am still disappointed with the Android operating system.  It really doesn't do anything special; it is the apps that allow the phone to be really customizable (unlike the Blackberry which is customizable because of its operating system).

So I am keeping this phone until the iPhone finally comes to Verizon.  AT&T is not an option for me, so I sit and wait... and wait... and wait...

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