Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Going To Be Shooting At A Wedding!

Well...I'll be shooting my camera anyway.

I am going to be taking my first wedding pictures Saturday. At least they will be the first wedding pictures where I'm the professional photographer.  I'm not really set up to do most weddings (strobes, umbrella reflectors, etc), but this is for a friend and she doesn't really want to spend the money ($500-$1,000) for a professional photographer and their assistant to come shoot the wedding, so she has asked me.

Also, she is really pressed for time, so I will be pressed for time as well. She told me she is mainly hoping I get some good shots of the wedding ceremony. There isn't much time for all the family shots, and bride and groom shots.  I hope I can get some good ones in considering I won't have much time because they have to leave for their honeymoon shortly after the wedding.  I will have to have specific shots in mind and exactly how to set them up so they can be done quickly. I will know more after scoping the venue out today at dress rehearsal.

I have shot pictures for her before of her and her daughter. I have them posted on my Gifts of Nature Photography site. She knows what I can do and that there are limits, so I'm not too nervous. Normally I would only shoot outdoor photography. I don't like being hampered by having to use false lighting. I like the look of natural lighting, but the wedding is in a church. I told her I wouldn't do this for many people. 

So... I am nervous and excited. I can't wait to get to the editing stage and really see what I can do with the pictures.  Once I am through, I will post some on Gifts of Nature.

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