Thursday, June 18, 2009

Head Sweat - or - Why I look like the Wicked Witch of the West

Update (9/13/10) -   I found a great cure: Maxim  It is a roll-on deodorant that clogs your pores and stops the sweating! Check it out. Seriously!

Man do I hate to sweat. Which is really unfortunate considering I have a genetic defect that means my head sweats all the time. I affectionately call it head-sweat. All it takes is a one degree shift in temperature or being anxious, frustrated, or upset in any way and I end up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West after Dorthy throws that bucket of water on her.

It's really unfair because I know people look at me like it's somehow my fault that my hair is soaking wet with sweat. I would do something about it if I could. Unfortunately they don't make antiperspirant for your head. Maybe I should invent shampoo and conditioner with antiperspirant in it...

Today was especially bad because of the humidity. It was around 100% today, and it made me feel like I was swimming through the air instead of walking through it. The thermometer said it was in the lower 90s, but the humidity makes it feel like it's over 100 outside. You should have seen me when I was outside re-potting plants; 10 minutes and I had sweat dripping in my eyes. Never mind...I'm glad no one saw me like that!


Mrs. E said...

Welcome to the Midwestern Sauna!!

Wendy said...

My husband has a similar problem, except, strangely, it's only on ONE SIDE of his head. At least yours is even. I'm not sure if that will be comforting or not. Probably not. LOL.