Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Perils of Online Ordering

I hope to never have to order things online for other people ever again.

My father is getting ready for his annual elk hunting trip and wanted me to find him a specific hand-held GPS online. Dad doesn't do the internet and Mom has a hard time ordering stuff online because of their slow dial up connection. That meant that Dad asked me to find and order the GPS for him. As if finding one and going back and forth as to if he should get a refurbished one or a new one (he went with the new one), wasn't enough trouble, he then wanted me to order one for his buddy that was going with him. I guess Ted also can't get online and order stuff for himself. Ted wanted a refurbished one, which meant I had to order from two different sites.

Fast forward a week later...neither GPS had arrived. Dad was in a panic. I told him that his could take up to 8 business days, so he wasn't too worried, but Ted's should have arrived already. Well, it gets worse... When ordering the GPS units I had to create an account on each site. I decided I didn't want to get emails from these places, so I put the accounts under my Dad's name and email. Only I got the email wrong. I thought his and Mom's gmail account was the same as their Socket (their service provider) account, but it wasn't. So I ended up having all the order and tracking info sent to an email address that we didn't have access to. Yep...stupid, I know. I didn't realize what kind of problems that would cause or I would have double-checked the email address or just used my info.

I didn't even save the web site addresses of the places I bought the units from. I had to go into the history of my computer and try to figure out which sites I bought from. I looked up the contact information and gave the numbers to my mom so she could call them. But she waited until today...almost 2 weeks after I originally ordered them. One place she couldn't get a hold of, but the other said that the order was canceled. She neglected to figure out which order was which. However, I was supposed to re-order it.

After doing some more research (and to make a long story, I found out that I was mistaken on the two sites that I had used and as to which was which. Both sites had canceled the orders for various (stupid) reasons...which I would have known about if there hadn't been the whole email address debacle.

I was so frustrated. I was mad at myself for the whole email problem, then I was mad that Dad didn't just order his own stuff. I was mad that Mom didn't ask more questions when she called the company.

In the end, we got them re-ordered and they'll be here in time for the guys to figure them out (hopefully) before they leave for Colorado.

I hope I never have to do something like this again!

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Holly said...

How awful. I completely understand you not wanting to get emails, but how terrible that it caused such a huge issue.

I'm glad you got it all worked out, though.