Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Idol (not really what I wanted to blog about)

So I'm not going to vent blog about what I really want because it may be misconstrued by those involved. Needless to say...Drama at work! I love all of them (without reservation) and thus will say no more. Instead I'm going to talk about the wonder that is American Idol.

I am so glad American Idol is back. I was beginning to get bored with my normal television viewing lineup and need something to shake it up.

This is only my second year watching American Idol all the way through. I remember watching the tryouts during the first few seasons. I always liked watching the crazies that thought they could sing. Then it got to the point where people where trying out and I know there was NO WAY they thought they were good. I think of it as the "William Hung Phenomenon". He got his 10 minutes of fame for being so bad...maybe they would too.

Anyway. I have friends that were watching it every season and during the months that American Idol was on, I found myself out of the loop. Every Single conversation had to do with Idol and I had not a clue what they were talking about. So now I'm watching it as well.

I enjoyed last season and I'm soooo... glad David Cook won and not David Crapuletta Archuletta. I was rooting for Jason Castro (HOTT!) right up until it became obvious that he wanted OUT. Poor boy came to the point where he was practically begging to be thrown off. I even remember some blogging controversy where it was batted around that he might have even mouthed "don't vote" at one point. Sad.

So I'm back to enjoying the loons. It's always a little sad that these people think they can sing, but seriously...shouldn't someone from their family have told them by now? Usually their family is there and just as stunned as they are! It's cruel not to tell them. I would have!


Gina Marie Wake said...

I love Idol and I love Jason Castro too. :) I hate the auditions though - I hate the stupid people who are clearly there as a joke, and I hate the people who aren't in on the joke - you know the ones - who aren't really all there mentally. I think that is so sad and uncomfortable to watch.

P.S. If you can't tell your blog has become part of my morning "30 minutes of warm up time before I start actually working". ;)

Smalltown Girl said...

Sweet! Glad someone is reading.

I always feel bad for those who don't know any better. Like I said...Someone should have told them. But I do like watching the crazies.

Casey said...

I would rather read about drama at work. hehe.