Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To Work

So it was back to work today. If you didn't already know, or hadn't already guessed...I'm a teacher. I teach American Literature to 16 and 17 year-olds. I have been off for Christmas Vacation for the past two weeks and today it was back to the grindstone. I'm not going to lie...I really needed one more week off before I would have been bored enough to want to go back to work. They are calling for a chance of freezing rain overnight and the kids aren't the only ones that are hoping we stay home tomorrow.

I know that many of you are probably thinking that teachers are lucky because we get time off for Christmas Vacation, Spring Break (if we don't have to make up snow days) and then of course there's summer vacation. First of all, we only get paid for 9 months of work, our salary is just spread throughout the 12 months. Secondly, and I think this is the big one, would you want to have to put up with all those kids? Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but it is an extremely stressful job dealing with all those kids. I have over 100 kids go through my room during a day and not all of them are angels by any means. I NEED my vacations. I don't know about the rest of the teachers out there, but it's how I keep from losing it on some of those kids. I work my butt off and so many of them could care less. I had 5 kids sleep through my class today...

Sorry...I think I got on a soapbox there.

Anyway, I spent the first week of my vacations doing family stuff and organizing/cleaning the house; I didn't have much time to myself. I spent the second week enjoying myself (playing my Wii, watching movies, catching up on my Tivo recordings and hanging out on the internet) as well as spending more time with my family. I really could have used a few more days to just relax.

So come on freezing rain!


Phoebe said...

Hey, found your blog from Danica's.

While I was somewhat wanting school to start..I was not wanting to return to the early mornings!

Seriously, 5 people fell asleep. I cannot even imagine.

Smalltown Girl said...

Yeah, I had gotten used to staying up late and getting up late. I'm actually a night person, but having to leave for work at 6:40am means I don't get to be a night person anymore.

Yes...five!! They were all kids that have failed 1st semester and we had to extend the semester until the 7th because of missing those days before Christmas. There really wasn't any use for them to do anything. But things are changing sleep, you stand...for the rest of the hour!