Friday, January 9, 2009

In The Dark With CSI

Have you ever happened to watch CSI? Not CSI: Miami or even CSI: New York, but the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I know that the investigators work the night shift and night is dark (obviously), but give me a break!

I really like the show, don't get me wrong, but over the years I have become increasingly bothered by the fact that the entire series is set in the dark...not just at night, but literally in the dark.

Now, this also happens to a lesser degree in the other two CSI shows, but as the original is set using a night shift crew of crime scene investigators, it is the worst abuser of the issue I am referring to.

There is no way that a real investigator would go into a crime scene and not turn on the lights. Seriously. How can they find one stray hair if all they have is a flashlight! It's just not practical.

I have justified this in a couple of ways: first, I realize that it is visually appealing to see the contrasts created by the lights and shadows. The DP (Director of Photography) probably gets all excited just thinking about it. Second, it is set at night...okay, I'll pretend, willing suspension of disbelief and all. Also, I can understand where the CSI would need to get rid of any ambient light when they are testing for blood or other biologicals with their special black lights, but, as I said...Seriously!

Then I watched an old episode the other day where they were at a court hearing presenting evidence. The court room was DARK!!! OMG! There is NO WAY that a courtroom would have its light on dim to the point where the only people in the room who were lit were the judge and the person on the stand. This is past the point of believability or even my ability to justify what the show's producers are trying to pull off.

Let me know what you think about this and if there is anything similar that really bugs you.

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