Friday, January 2, 2009

Kindle My Fire

I don't know how many people out there have a Kindle or want a Kindle or have even heard of a Kindle (seriously people...where have you been?), but I LOVE my Kindle. I bought it as an early Christmas present to myself (Merry Christmas to me! When you're single, you can by yourself presents). I lucked out and bought it the night that Oprah announced it as one of her favorite things. I was able to buy it $50 off the regular price and it came in the mail in a few days, right before it became impossible to get one without paying exorbitant prices for them on ebay.

I never thought I would like to read books anyway but the old-fashioned way, however, I have been re-buying books on my Kindle. It's just so convenient.

As you can see, the Kindle tops my bookshelf. Actually, this is just one of many bookshelves in my house. Books that will probably never be read by me again (well, except for my Bible which you might have noticed sitting on the top shelf).

So what is on my Kindle? Right now I am reading The Midnight Queen by May Agnes Fleming. I downloaded it free from Project Gutenberg. I have gotten several classical novels (Austen, Verne, Carroll) there and will most likely download many more. It's been one of my favorite sites for years, but now has even greater possibilities with the ability to download Kindle formated books. I also have all of the Twilight series. I decided I wanted to re-read the series and made the decision to go ahead and re-purchase them in Kindle format. I have downloaded the complete Wizard of Oz series for under a dollar (15 books in all!) even though I have them in paperback.

You are sure to hear more about my Kindle if you continue to read my blog. There are just so many great features. I cannot imagine my life without it.

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