Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Working On It

So I got the 3rd column set up. Man that took awhile; editing html is not my specialty and so it has been a lot of hit and miss. I have a site I go to for html tutorials (The Blog Doctor) and there was one on creating the 3rd column, but it wasn't set up exactly like I wanted, and so I had to play around with the html until I got it like I wanted it.

It's still not perfect though.

My main problem is that when I shrink the web page, I lose the middle column. Well, it's not really lost, but it goes to the bottom of the main column and most people would never notice it. This is bad because if a viewers monitor is small, they will not be able to view all the columns as they are supposed to be views.

Guess I still have some work to do.


Anonymous said...

(er... there's not a third column showing on my screen when I load your page. Thought you might like to know.)

Happy new year!

Smalltown Girl said...

Thanks. I am actually going to work on installing a new 3-column template. I didn't want to because that means having to add all my html changes again.

It should show 3 columns if you have a bigger monitor, but won't if you are on anything less than 1200px width. Hence the change of template!