Sunday, February 15, 2009

AI - Hollywood Round Four

This post is a little late. I started watching AI, but then had to go to bed (it was 2 hours long...) and just now managed to finish watching this episode.

“This year we’ve changed everything…many will have to sing for their lives” Really Ryan…their lives? There seams to be a lot of death on AI this season.

Contestants are kept in a holding room until the judges call them in to deliver the news. Some of them are told they made it, and some are forced into “sing offs” with other contestants.

Top 36
• Anoop Desai (Indian Guy) – Top 10er
• Von Smith
• Adam Lambert
• Taylor Vaifanua
• Jasmine Murray
• Arianna Afsar
• Casey Carlson
• Megan Corkrey
• Mishavonanna Henson
• Stevie Wright
• Joanna Pacitti (always forgets her lyrics)
• Kendall Beard
• Alexis Grace (single-mom sob story)
• Lil Rounds
• Scott Macintyre (blind guy) – Top 10er, may win the whole thing because he’ll get a lot of votes
• Allison Iraheta (16 year old)
• Danny Gokey (half of the BFF boys) – Top 10er, probably Top 4 at least, could win the whole thing if he doesn’t screw up.
• Matt Giraud
• Ju’Not Joyner
• Jorge Nunez
• Brent Keith
• Stephen Fowler (who fowled up his last audition by forgetting the words, but good voice) – Possible Top 10er if he can remember the words
• Nick Mitchell AKA: Norman Gentle (and they want NORMAN!)
• Jackie Tohn (soulful “smokers” voice)
• Tatiana Del Toro (super annoying laugh, high drama) She came into the room with her high-pitched voice in full-on freak-out mode. Simon asked her if she could for once try not to be annoying. She had one of Paula’s bracelets on and then said she was so upset the ring had been sold out so Paula gave her the one off her own finger. I wouldn’t have given that crazy girl anything. Simon just said Paula did it to promote her jewelry (he he). I can’t believe she made it. I don’t care how good she can sing. I may have to kill myself if she makes it very far. No one seemed very excited that she made it.
• Jeanine Vailes
• Kai Kalama
• Alex Wagner-Trugman
• Anne Marie Boskovich
• Kristen McNamara
• Jesse Langseth
• Nathanial Marshall
• Matt Breitzke
• Michael Sarver

Sing Offs
• Cody Sheldon (amateur horror film maker) vs. Alex Wagner-Trugman – Alex wins

• Jenn Korbee vs. Kristen McNamara (was in one of the groups that had lots of drama) Simon kept saying they should keep the attractive blond (Jenn) and the others said they should keep the one that could sing (Kristen). I kept thinking that eventually these girls would see this episode and maybe those weren’t the nicest comments…but it is AI. – Kristen makes it through, but Simon makes a big deal about how he disagrees with it and the girls tell her she has to do an image over-hall.

• Frankie Jordan vs. Jesse Langseth It seems like they pitted two “soulful” singers against each other, and hated both the girl’s songs. – Jesse gets in

• Jackie Midkiff (uhh…not sure we’ve seen him before, but he can sing. Kara thought it was a mistake that he had to do a sing off) vs. Nathanial Marshall (super dramatic and emotional with facial piercings) – Nathanial gets in. Not sure that was the right choice. I think they chose the one that had more flair over the one with the voice that was “normal”.

• Matt Breitzke (bald welder) vs. Michael Sarver (Rough Neck) once again, I think they pitted two contestants with similar styles and are just going to let the best through even if both are betters than others that got in. No duplicate sounds for AI… Oddly though – Both get in. Surprising change.

I’m a little surprised that Jamar Rogers (other half of the BFF boys) didn’t make it, although I never thought he would win it. I liked the spin he took on Hey There Delilah…maybe the judges didn’t. Everyone was shocked that he didn’t make it. AI did a really sad, slo-mo farewell.

I will try to pick my top 10 soon. We still haven't seen enough of over half the top 36 to make an educated guess.

Now it’s time for why I really watch American Idol. Bring it on! What's your favorite part?

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