Monday, February 16, 2009

My Housekeeper Is Back!

I've been tidying up the house a little tonight in preparation for my mother to come and clean it.

So you may be wondering how I managed to get such a sweet deal. I used to pay Mom to come every other week to clean the house. She's retired and has a sterile house; I work and am too lazy to clean. I pick up; I don't clean. A little over a year ago, my mom quit. It wasn't anything formal, just my brother and his family moving back to our hometown. They had to stay with Mom and Dad for a few weeks until their house was ready and so Mom was too busy to clean my house. She just never started back up again.

This is her first week back at "work". The deal has gotten even sweeter. I no longer have to pay her to clean. Nope, we're doing it in trade. She cleans my house, I color her hair. Now some people think that she's getting the bad end of the deal, but I buy a lot of the supplies for the hair coloring (everything but the actual color) and then you have to remember that she's not paying $80 when I do the coloring. I know how to foil (in fact, I foil my own hair), and so her hair looks just as good as the local small town beautician. I also cut hair, but she's not been brave enough to try that.

I think in another life I could have been a beautician. I enjoy it. There is one major drawback that keeps me from ever seriously taking up the profession...I'm too lazy to stand on my feet everyday. That and I don't like to touch strangers. I guess I'll just stick to doing my friends' and family's hair.

Would you trust a family member to cut your hair?

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