Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AI Results Show for Top 13

Two are going home tonight, so we can get back to the number of contestants we would normally have at this point.

Then we get an explanation of The Judges Save. Up until the Top 5, the judges can choose to save a contestant. This can happen only once in the process. This is to stop what has happened in the past when someone has gone home for one reason or another that probably shouldn’t have. For instance, Chris Daughtry and Jordan Sparks. It has to be a unanimous decision. No one will go home that week, but two will go home the next week.

Fast Forward through montage of them checking out where they are going to be living.

I stop and listen to the contestants’ singing. I never enjoy this very much and often choose to FF through much of it. I did get a little bit of a kick out of watching the choreography. They actually had Scott out there dancing. They had someone lead him (discreetly) when they had to move around on the stage. Then at the end, I swear Jorge was mouthing the wrong words.

FF through montage of last night’s show…I watched it… I don’t need the re-cap.

Ryan asks Michael about the experience so far and Michael sets us up to see our first Ford commercial. Bring on the sponsorship! I love that they call them “Ford Music Videos”

Onto our first group
Michael’s safe (big surprise), Allyson is safe (love her), Jasmine goes to the center of the stage to await her fate. Matt is safe. Kris is safe, but Megan has to go to the center of the stage with Jasmine. We need to get as much tension out of this moment as possible. Megan is safe and Jasmine goes home (to no one’s surprise…at least not mine).

This year it’s not so hard for the contestants to sing through the tears of disappointment because they are still waiting to see if the judges will save them. I’m sure there’s no hope for Jasmine. I normally FF through this part, but I like this song, so I listen. Randy lets Jasmine know that they aren’t saving her…big surprise (note the sarcasm in my typing?).

FF through Jasmine’s journey.

FF through Kanye West. I don’t like this guy or his music. I think he likes himself Way To Much!

Now to our second group

Scott is safe, Alexis is safe, Danny is safe (as if there was any reason for Ryan to try and draw out any suspense at this stage). Anoop is sent to the center of the stage. Adam is safe (I type that before I even get through Ryan’s re-cap to see that I am right…the judges are totally pushing for him), Jorge goes to the center and Lil is safe. We have to wait through a commercial break to find out of it is Jorge or Anoop.

Except that we really have to wait through a performance from Kelly Clarkston. I’m intrigued…I listen. I tend to like her songs (not that I listen to the radio anymore). Kelly looks like she is pregnant to me, although she talks about being single. Maybe she’s just gained a little wait. Her face is a little fuller than I remember and it looked like she had a bulge, but it was hard to tell because of the outfit. It was all black and there were layers…I think.

Commercial break and then we find out that Jorge goes home. This is not at all a surprise. My friends and I were talking about it at church tonight and totally picked Jorge and Jasmine as the two who we thought were going home tonight.

Simon tells Jorge that they’re not saving him (without any passion by the way) and we’re out (after I FF through Jorge’s journey of course).

Does your favorite(s) still have a shot at fame?

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Gina Marie Wake said...

Jordin Sparks won so she wouldn't have needed a save. ;) I'm glad they got rid of Teen Wolf, I mean, Jorge. Love Kelly Clarkson - she has definitely put on weight but who am I to judge, that's for sure! ;) Jasmine, I could have taken or left her, very generic so I was fine with last nite's choices. Can't stand that Adam guy though and feel he's going to make it a very long season, what with listening to the judges salivate over him, and trying to keep my dinner down while looking at his stupid hair and the 8 pounds of pancake makeup on his face.