Thursday, March 5, 2009

AI - Round 3 Reveal Show

Fast Forward through sappy montage of how the contestants got here

Started watching the singing. I noticed that the guys did a lot of sitting. I wonder if that had to do with Scott being in this group. It’s hard to choreograph a dance sequence when one of the six guys is blind. They had a couch in the middle and although a few of the guys got up and were replaced by some of the girls, Scott stayed on the couch. I’m glad they didn’t try to make him dance. I’m not sure how they are going to keep up this interesting type of choreography if Scott makes it as far as I think he will.

FF through montage of last night’s show and Ryan talking to the contestants. They really should make this a 30 minute episode instead of an hour. I’ve already watched the first 15 minutes in about 3 minutes.

Lil Rounds Makes it through. FF through her singing her song again. Heard it last night and didn’t like it then. Paula of course stood up and clapped.

FF until we find out who gets the next slot.

Scott MacIntyre Makes it to the top 12. I was not at all surprised by this. He did not have the best male vocals, but the people love him. I have no problem with him making it through. FF through most of his song.

FF through the awkward moments of contestants finding out if they made it through. I find this whole process ridiculous at the best of times, but even worse at this point because we still have the Wild Card show which means none of them are too upset because they could come back. This is not final yet.

Jorge Nunez makes it through. They pan to Simon who has an expression on his face that I’m not sure what to make of. Reluctant Acceptance?

Wild Card

Then we get to the Wild Card portion. I didn’t know they were going to reveal these tonight. I wondered why we were getting through the reveal so fast (I say fast, but my counter says we’re 40 minutes into the show…it’s taken me less than 10). The judges are picking 8 of the remaining contestants to come back. Simon points out why the Wild Card is a good idea. I agree that it’s a good idea as well. We will see these 8 perform next week.

Von Smith

Jasmine Murray

Ricky Braddy

Megan Corkerey

Tatiana Del Toro I seriously can’t believe thev let her back in. Dang it…I thought she was gone. Dramatic Tatiana was back. While she cried…the audience laughed.

Matt Giraud

Jesse Langseth

Anoop Desai Simon said this was the easiest decision and I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t have been. I think it was ridiculous that he didn’t make it the first time.

The show ends with Jorge singing. I fast forwarded.

Did your favorite make it through?

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toves said...

Proof that American Idol voters are total saps! I didn't think neither Scott nor Jorge really deserved to get through, but wasn't completely surprised that they did. What a weak group all around. I wasn't totally enamoured with Lil Rounds performance either, but she is easily the most talented of that crew. I can't believe I watch this shite.... :)