Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol Top 10 Results Show

Ford Commercial: slow motion running with fast driving. It was pretty stupid. You would think they would be getting better, not worse.

Danny didn’t look like he was really into tonight’s choreography for the group sing. Glambert was loving it of course (it is fairly theatrical), and he used his Axle Rose voice.

Apparently baking cakes went horribly wrong for the contestants this week, especially Danny and Allison…food fight video.

It’s down to just five, so Ryan does his announcements a little differently. Matt goes to the right side of the stage and Danny goes to the left. Allison goes to the left and Kris goes and stands next to Matt. Adam is in a category all his own…actually, he makes Adam pick his own group and Adam goes to stand by Allison and Danny. Oh, but wait! Adam was wrong! Ryan tells him he’s in the bottom three with Kris and Matt and that Allison and Danny are safe.

The judges act like they’re shocked that Adam is in the bottom three, but I find it hard to believe that they don’t already know. They quickly “recover” and say that there’s only five left, so someone has to be in the bottom.

Of course, Adam won’t go home…unfortunately.

I would FF through Natalie Cole, but I’m watching it live. Maybe I will go watch something saved on my Tivo for a few minutes…

After a lot of crap (Taylor Hicks)…

Kris gets moved to safety. I wonder if that means he wasn’t in the bottom two, or if they just want everyone to know it’s going to be Matt? I was so sure that it would be Adam.

I so wish I could have just FF through all the extra singers. Why did Jamie Foxx feel it was necessary to make his voice sound electronic? This is why I don’t listen to popular music anymore.

After a jab at Simon, Ryan finally gets to it and tells Adam that he’s safe. Which means that Matt is going home, just two weeks after he was originally supposed to go home.

So, Matt goes home, and we have Adam, Danny, Allison and Kris left. It will be interesting to see who will go home next week. I think that, in the end, it will be Danny verses Adam, but I was surprised to see Adam in the bottom this week, so it’s hard to tell what will happen on American Idol.

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