Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Top 5

I’m not sure I’m even up to watching AI tonight, but…I will anyway. I’m not really rooting for anyone this season, so it’s not as fun. I guess you could say that I’m rooting against Glambert, but I’m not sure that counts.

This week’s theme is The Rat Pack. For some reason, they bring in Jamie Foxx to help teach this genre of music. Okay…?

Kris chooses to sing “The Way You Look Tonight”. He started out singing this classically with all the big band feel that the original had to it. I think his voice sounded beautiful. He sped it up at the end and added a little twist. Randy thought it was Kris’ best performance yet. Kara (who, by the way, is dressed for the theme) said he was the “dark horse” of the competition (still Kara? There are only 5 left). Paula loved it. Simon thought it was good, but said it was a little bit “wet”. For once, I’m not sure what he means.

Allison sings “Someone To Watch Over Me”. I just love her voice. It wouldn’t be so great if it was coming out of a 50-year-old smoker, but out of a girl that just turned 17, it is amazing. She sings the song very traditionally, but it is beautifully done. Randy thought it was the bomb. Kara said Allison was not just a one-trick-pony that could only sing rock. Paula was proud of her. Simon thought it was a great performance, but isn’t sure that Allison believes that she can win and that might put her in trouble. He said it might be that she’s been over-shadowed by the other personalities.

Matt sings “My Funny Valentine”. He got pulled from the brink and then they throw him a softball theme. This is perfect for Matt and his singing style. However, I didn’t think he did as good as he could have, or as good as I expected from him. There were some notes that he just didn’t hit right. Randy thought it was a little bit pitchy and that it didn’t all come together right. Kara didn’t think he was emotionally connected to it. Paula loved it (but to be fair, she’s probably high). Simon disagrees with Randy and thought that it was brilliant and the only believable performance of the night (huh?).

Danny sings “Come Rain or Come Shine”. Like Allison, I think Danny’s gravely voice sounds good in this genre of music. It adds emotion to the song. Danny gives another traditional performance for the most part, but it sounds good. He did end with almost a gospel note to the song, which was cool. Randy said Danny was the only one he’d heard that night that could put out an album of songs just like that. Kara said he had swagger tonight, and the end was the most creative Danny had been with a melody. Paula said it was stellar. Simon said Kara was a 100% right, and that Danny came out to prove a point and he did.

Adam gets the pimp slot tonight (as if he needs it…well, maybe he does with this genre). I’m actually a little scared to see what Adam might do with a Rat Pat song. Maybe he will play it safe and it will be a fairly traditional version...yeah right. He sings “Feeling Good” and he chooses a version with a rock edge. Adam was in full Glambert mode tonight. I was waiting for the chorus line to come out behind him and start dancing. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t try out for Broadway instead of trying for a pop career. Maybe that is his intention and he is using AI as a vehicle to get to Broadway… Glambert’s performance was way over the top. Randy thought it was a little to theatrical, dramatic and Broadway, but that Adam was in the zone consistently. Kara said he was confusing, shocking, way over the top and sleazy in a good way (huh?). Paula was creaming again…enough said. Simon says that Adam is theater and that is why he is theatrical.

If Glambert ever decides to go on Broadway, I will fully support that decision and I will buy his show tunes. He was wonderfully dramatic tonight, and if I had been watching him in a musical, I would have been standing on my feet too. This is just not the competition for him.

I think Matt is in trouble again. Out of the five, I think he did the worst and deserves to go home.

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