Friday, April 3, 2009

Work-Free Weekend

I'm feeling so good right now. I spend much of my time being behind at work. I teach high school English and there is a lot of grading involved in that job. I'm always behind in my grading because there is so much of it. The minute I get one assignment graded, there is another one waiting for me...sometimes two. And none of it is easy grading. I'm not really into multiple choice/multiple guess, which means a lot of reading/interpreting student answers.

But now...

I am completely caught up! Usually I am in front of the class the whole hour, so all my grading has to be done after school, however, my students are reading a novel right now and that gives me around an hour and a half of extra class time (while they are reading) where I can grade papers. We discuss the previous day's reading for about 20 minutes, then I have the rest of the hour to work. It's beautiful. I really need to work on my curriculum so that I can do this more often.

Because I have the weekend off for once, I am going to enjoy it. I'm thinking of getting up and going grocery shopping early in the morning (before everyone gets out to the stores), and then I'll hang with the Niece and Nephews. Plus, I'm going to enjoy a movie tonight. I have several Netflix movies just sitting waiting to be watched. But mostly, I just don't have to worry about anything over the weekend...and I love that!

I hope that the rest of you have a great weekend as well!

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