Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Highway Department is Trying to Kill Me

I really think that our local highway department is trying to kill me. This is the view out of my car looking down the highway from the direction in which speeding cars may be approaching. Can you see very far down the road? Neither can I. When they mow the right of way, they only mow one mower width from the road. I would hate for them to use any gear on their tractors other than 4th gear. I would hate for them to use something like, oh, let's say...REVERSE!

I used to work for the highway department (in a different town), and I've mowed my fair share of right of are supposed to mow the grass on either side of an approach so people can actually see if a car is speeding down the road at them or not. The only way my approach gets mowed is if my dad hooks up the brush-hog and does it himself...IT'S NOT HIS JOB!

It's ridiculous. I have to actually pull so far forward that the front of my car is IN THE ROAD if I want to be able to tell if someone is coming or not.

So, I conclude: the highway department is obviously trying to kill me!

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