Friday, October 1, 2010

A Growing Trend

I was reading (okay...skimming) my People magazine the other day and saw an article about grandparents raising their grandkids.  As a high school teacher, I've seen a lot of this. It seems that more and more kids are no longer living with their parents for one reason or another.

In the high school we have a lot of students that don't live with their parents, and it isn't just because they have unfit parents. Many of them are staying with either a friend or they're living with the parents of their boyfriend/girlfriend. I teach juniors and see this with quite a few of my students. By the age of 17, they can move out without their parents' permission.

I don't remember that many kids doing this when I was in high school. I just can't imagine being a parent and letting my daughter's boyfriend live in the bedroom down the hall. It seems like you are just asking for something to go wrong. 

Sure...there are situations where a kid's home life isn't great, and the opportunities available are better at someone else's house, but I still can't imagine taking in my child's boyfriend or girlfriend...friend, yes, but there are some situations that are too tempting for all those racing hormones...

Has anyone else noticed this growing trend?

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