Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Home is Now Wireless!!

I am so excited! My home is now completely wireless. I was a little worried about setting my Mac up to a wireless router. I had read some router reviews and read a lot of talk about having to find special links and downloads to get a router hooked up to a Mac. I went ahead and bought a Lyksys because all the reviews said they worked, but that I would have to go to their website to get it set up. I just followed the instructions on the installation CD and had no problems. Well, it was showing a signal, but not letting me on the interweb, but I restarted the computer and Viola! No problems.

I am currently updating my Wii now that I have it configured with my wireless. That is taking awhile. Now sure what the updates are, but I'm all for keeping technology updated as much as posssible. I am excited about using my Wii to watch YouTube videos and being able to download some Nintendo classics onto the Wii.

Well, I better go. I actually have company coming over and the oven is beeping at me that my pizza is ready!.

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