Friday, January 30, 2009

AI in San Juan and NYC

I watch AI with my MacBook on my lap in order to catch all my thoughts while the auditions are rolling. Luckily, I have Tivo, so I can pause at any time. Maybe it’s a little crazy to do that, but I do, so there.

We started off in typical AI fashion with a heart-wrenching story about a girl who resigned from her job because she believed in herself and her ability to sing (okay, it wasn’t a long story, but still) boo-hoo-hoo. Simon offered to call her boss to help her get her job back. Yep, she was that bad. I can’t believe he actually did it, but he did and luckily the girl got her job back because like Kara said, she needs to keep her day job.

Jessika, the singing contest winner… who was terrible. She was screechy. I guess if you enter 700 singing contests, you’re bound to win a few. Doesn’t mean you can actually sing. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

The singing nudist, Melinda. At least she could actually sing…hope she keeps her clothes on in Hollywood. Mostly, I hope Randy keeps his clothes on!

Melinda the Nudist

I can’t believe the windows fell down behind the judges…and they just kept going! I guess they really wanted to get home… I know I was ready for the show to be over.

I loved the Wicked Games montage. Hilarious. “Please, please, please…”

I was sincerely scared of the “Crazy Rocker”. If he came up to me in the streets screaming like that, I would be frightened.

I am so with Simon about the comedy crap. These people are not funny, they never get picked, why do they continue to do it? I think that it is AI’s fault for putting them on the air. These people wouldn’t continue to show up if they didn’t think they would get on the air. However, Norman was pretty funny, but I can’t believe they sent him to Hollywood. I guess it’s a little comic relief for the first round of HW…I’m sure we’ll need it.

Norman the "Comic"

I did think the little 16 year-old was cute and an okay singer. Her little brother’s plea for her was probably what pushed the judges over the edge and helped her get through (it’s always good to bring your own cute kid and/or dog). I agreed that her voice was not mature enough and I don’t think she’ll make it very far, but I thought it was good of them to send her on to Hollywood. I think it’ll give her a little experience in the music biz and she can see if it is really for her.

It’s time to start reading one of my favorite American Idol blogs…Vote for the Although I don’t agree with the idea of voting for the worst singer, I love reading the comments and reviews and especially the nicknames they give the contestants. My favorite from last year was David Archuleta’s nickname: Gaspy. It was just so true. Prof. Chan is probably my favorite contributor. He’s mean, and it’s hilarious. They are worth a stop if you haven’t done so yet. They claim to have received a list of the top 36 already and say they are pretty sure that it is real.

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