Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol Crazies

So...while watching American Idol tonight, I think I might have figured out the conundrum that I had discussed in an earlier post. I had discussed people who cannot sing and not understanding why someone in these people's families don't tell them that they can't sing... Apparently, the family members are just as clueless. I should have guessed as much...I'm sure that being tone deaf probably runs in the family.

The very first girl who auditioned tonight (I believe her name was Tiffany) could not sing her way out of a paper bag. However, her mother went on and on about how great Tiffany was and that she would put on concerts for her mother all the time. You should have seen the rapturous expression on her mother's face while Tiffany was singing. Her father said that Tiffany was "unbelievable"...unbelievably bad. Obviously, the parents are just as clueless and tone deaf as the daughter!


Mom in Midlife said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was going to comment on yours but I was on my work computer and it would not let me. :-(

I switched computers today so I could comment.

I am glad that someone else is blogging AI too!

Did you see this,
My husband told me about it. I think it is a total rip if she already released an album.

Smalltown Girl said...

She wouldn't be the first that had already released an album, or at least had been in the process of doing so. One of last years finalists had done the same (Carly). I know that some people say that AI always has a ringer in there, someone that they already know and has been in the music business. I hope that's not the case, but wouldn't doubt it.