Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol...Salt Lake City

So I really expected the crazies to come out tonight…it is Utah. They showed a whole montage of people who seemed to be really happy about being told that they suck. Why does this not surprise me?

I wonder how many of these people who audition realize that when the judges start to laugh, it is not a good thing? Most of them just keep on singing…I would quit the minute one of them started to laugh. I have also noticed that if Paula starts singing along, that’s usually not a good sign either.

The Auditions
Why would an Osmond need to audition on AI? Why doesn’t he just call on his aunt and uncle? Surely Uncle Donnie could get him a gig somewhere. His dad was one of the original Osmonds and yet this guy’s on AI? Of course AI had to throw in a little sob story about how he has been battling MS. Was this a plea to get us to forget the guy already has an “in” to get into the music scene?

The Goth girl was a little scary, mostly because I was afraid of her short skirt. I’m not sure I’m buying that she is really Goth. She certainly didn’t chose a song that would be considered Goth in my opinion. Also, her attitude was not very Goth-like. I know she flipped off the camera, but a lot of people do that.

The hair band rocker with the crazy eyes and the tongue that kept flicking out of his mouth really creeped me out.

Greg the Rabbit…Seriously? I have yet to see anybody with one of these weird ploys actually get in. The guy who was auditioning brought in his giant friend Greg who was in a giant pink bunny suit (reminded me of A Christmas Story… “he looks like a giant pink nightmare.”) and he had a picture of Simon on his shirt as well as carrying a picture of Simon on a stick (sorta like those fans you get at the fair). Crazy!

I liked the girl (Franki?) I think she sounded a lot like Etta James (if you don’t know who that it, you should check her out…1950s blues/jazz/rock.).

Rose…and her sob story. I don’t need the sob stories, just let me know if you can sing.

We are almost ready for Hollywood! I’m starting to get really excited.


Anonymous said...

I had to switch computers so I could come comment...I said the EXACT SAME THING about the Osmond kid, give me a break, you are an OSMOND. Sheesh. I love to read your reviews after I post mine to see if I am the only one who feels the way I do!

Smalltown Girl said...

I always read your AI reviews as well. I had not given voice to the whole "sob story" thing until I read your reviews. They always really annoy me though.

Seriously...An OSMOND!!!